Personalized Rap Songs for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Make your child's mitzvah unforgettable with their very own rap anthem. Perfect for entrance videos or montages.

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How does MitzvahRaps work?

1. Choose your preferred package - Gold (1 minute) or Platinum (2 minutes).

2. After purchase, you will automatically receive a Google Form to submit details about the B-Mitzvah boy or girl, from hobbies and interests to preferred music style and nicknames.

3. Fill out the form and submit some photos and/or videos. We'll use these to create a video montage to go with the personalized rap song.

4. Within 72 hours, you will receive the final version of your MitzvahRap as an HD video file for you to share on the big day!

Can I request changes to my MitzvahRap?

You have up to 3 revisions for the lyrics, music, and the video montage itself.

Our objective is to make this day unforgettable, so it's all about what you and your family want.

Who is running MitzvahRaps?

We are two brothers born and raised in New York City who always wanted our bar mitzvahs to have more hip-hop flair.

We created MItzvahRaps to turn this into a reality.

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